20 Greenway – Houston, Texas

Building redevelopment can be simple or complex based on the age and style of the property being re-introduced to the market.  20 Greenway is a classic 10 level tower except for the 50,000 RSF floor plates connected all the way from the ground floor to the roof top glass lantern element by a cascading atrium.  The close-in-to-the-CBD location coupled with an iconic exterior and great parking were assets being discounted by outdated interior finishes and lighting.  Acacia Originals was contracted to execute key elements of modernization created by the design team. 
The design introduced new elements to the building.  Elements of vertical movement such as stairs, escalators, and elevators were re-clad in a caramel wood tone to bring warmth and human scale to the atrium.  Original details of stainless steel were added in detail and scale through a new system of horizontal design elements of both wood and back-painted glass.  The exterior accent colors were strengthened by additional strong interior colors in a pattern tying a new color to each of the 10 levels.  Level 3, the main entry from the primary parking structure is a welcoming bright green rendered in glass and fabric accented with stainless detailing.  Virtually all elements have some level of integration of branding, video screens, security and directional signage, and lighting. 
Acacia Originals coordinated detailing and instructions from multiple sources for metal, glass, stone and fabric items as well as several specialty finish products from  Modular Arts and Interlam.  This insured that horizontal reveals in dissimilar materials aligned throughout the installation.  This type of detailed coordination is a hallmark of Acacia Original’s teamwork.