With a passion never known before...


The Acacia story, like many similar stories of American businesses is not a “dream come true fairy tale” but rather the story of perseverance in the pursuit of an unexpected calling.  Will and Kim Fuller were working through the next season of life after a difficult setback when suddenly they became aware that they were moving away from their destiny instead of towards it. They had a vision to create a business that would be based on principals they held dear such as integrity, reliability, commitment and above all, one that elevates relationships over projects or profits. They never dreamed all these things and so much more would be found in a business that shared so many of the things that were the source of their previous trials. Understanding the unique opportunity they had been given, they invested heart and soul into the creation of this business. Slowly, they assembled a one of kind team that is truly vested in the values and concepts which show profoundly in the final product, designer and client satisfaction and has led to extraordinary levels of repeat and referral business Acacia enjoys today.

Over three decades of prior experience in commercial interior construction taught Will many lessons – things to definitely repeat, and things to avoid.  The list of lessons learned is a long one and provides a valuable basis for what Acacia delivers consistently to every client.

The development of Acacia has evolved since inception from a purely custom furniture fabricator to that of an integrated millwork solution provider.  It is a response to a trend of architects and designers wanting to expand their palette of materials and intensity of design elements throughout many corporate spaces.  Filling a void in this category of millwork providers, Acacia has embraced the challenge of highly custom designs and has learned to include many diverse products and processes in their solutions.  It is this willingness to integrate and coordinate high levels of finish and creative manufacturing methods alongside a general contractor which so beautifully simplifies design, production and installation of unique and complicated projects.


Custom Original Solutions – Acacia loves a challenge and appreciates the work of the designers and architects that seek out Acacia to turn their big ideas into real solutions.  Acacia is a quick study of these ideas and offers creative details, materials and tailored manufacturing methods to help these hardworking people bring their ideas to life.

Single Source Production – Rare is the design these days that is simply made of wood.  Today’s solutions are complex and contain multiple wood veneers and solid stock, specialty finishes, custom metal components, natural stone, architectural glazing, upholstery, lighting or even structural steel.  Acacia understands how important it is to control all these elements of the design for the most successful solution and accordingly takes on the task to source all components and simplifying the process for our clients.  Acacia has built a team of in house master craftsmen as well as a family of vendors and sources upon which they can reliably complete any project taken on. 

Sustainable Products – Acacia advocates the use of environmentally responsible materials and processes whenever possible in all products.  With client approval, Acacia will manufacture any suitable furnishing from veneers harvested from certified responsibly managed forests (including FSC and others), substrates with no added urea formaldehyde and VOC compliant glues and finishes.  Embracing sustainable practices in an effort to be an instrument of positive change thereby minimizing ours and our client’s carbon footprint on the world we live.

Simple Processes – While experienced designers understand the necessary processes, younger designers and many clients simply are not fully aware of what the creation of custom millwork entails.  Acacia keeps the process of project coordination simple and is a believer in proactive and efficient communication which keeps all parties abreast of design development, costs and scheduling.

Cost Effective – Acacia seeks to deliver the original idea for the budget established. This is always our desire and many designers and clients are rewarded with our efforts.  There are times however when budgets are exceeded or simply need to be reworked to help bring the original design to fruition.  To that end, Acacia is prepared to offer creative alternative solutions that are designed to help maintain the elements of the original design.  This could involve the use of alternate veneers, simplification of details, revising key materials, utilizing better priced fittings, leveraging new vender sources and much more.  All in step to work together to bring the design into budget and ultimately become a reality.

Effective Interaction – Acacia’s experience in the commercial construction business taught us that timely and effective communication with the entire team of designer, client, general contractor and sub-contractors is the key to removing surprises and keeping the project flowing.  Understanding that we all need to work together and are ultimately dependent upon one another for a successful conclusion.