Break Rooms

Formerly considered as a transient location that housed the morning coffee, vendor treats and employee lunches, now these spaces are seen as collaborative spaces for team meetings with food beverage and built in AV support.  Designers are opening space up to encourage short collaborative meetings off peak to lunchtime and even as great new spaces to share a beverage with a visiting client or consultant.   Millwork is detailed to meet high-low needs of ADA and now include durable finishes that elevate the quality of the experience.

Board Room.jpg

GE Oil & Gas, Houston, Texas

Adjacent to the main Board Room, this facility is designed to work to general staff needs through a corridor door, but also can be loaded for food service by that same door without disrupting a meeting.  At lunch time meeting attendees can enter a connecting door and circulate around the central serving island.  The island is topped with polished stone and features a walnut veneer base cabinet that houses two warming drawers. Surrounding millwork is plastic laminate with solid surfacing counters and positions appliances so that coffee and refrigerated beverages can be picked up last upon exiting the loop back into the board room.


Linn Energy, Houston, Texas

Staff break rooms were positioned in central locations on each of the initial 3 floors.  The blue wall captures a stainless steel bar height counter and a solid surface ADA chair height counter.  Accent lighting is suspended in front of a plate mirror that allows diners to connect visually with others in the room and reflects the plastic laminate work wall.  While the counter and low table seat 6, the room has an additional area that seats 16 at 4 tables.


Silicon Graphics, Dallas, Texas

A single large coffee lunch break room serves the entire facility and to the credit of the company leadership is also an area customers are brought into to enjoy and espresso or coffee and pastry pre-meetings.  Plastic laminate lower and upper cabinet in white. Backsplash in clear finish maple veneer as well as the accent “bean” bar top.  Cleverly disguised in the full height pantry millwork is access to a deep walk in storage room for bottled water, boxes and packages of supplies and catering carts when needed.


Parkman Whaling L.L.C., Houston, Texas

Serving as a general staff area but also as a prime location for catered meals in the “Deal Rooms” this facility has plastic laminate base and uppers.  The upper cabinets feature open cubbies for quick access to paper plates, cups and plastic ware as well as condiments and napkins.  The bar does double duty as a buffet counter for lunch time guests and casual seating for staff at other times.


ERG Resources L.L.C., Houston, Texas

With structural glass wall and door opening to the circulation corridor, the designer wanted to create a break room that looks good even in use.  The dining island is bar height and made of polished vein cut stone and the kick space beneath is faced in sound absorbing panels - it conceals much of the activity that happens on the work-wall beyond.  Refrigeration, microwave and beverage dispensers stand behind full height wardrobe hinged doors. Important details like the pantry door thickness and style of hinges selected help keep these doors flat and operable while touch latch hardware keep the surface clean.  The orange accents extend the clients brand deep into the space.

Silicon Graphics, Houston, Texas

This brightly colored work room doubles as staff dining for special events like sales celebrations and birthdays.  Key to the design was selecting the strong color laminates first then matching the surrounding paint finish.  The maple wood veneer “Amoeba” table was a central design element and millworkers coordinated their finished pattern and created a template for the drywall sub-contractor to exactly mimic the shape and location on the ceiling element.