Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms and in particular, Board Rooms are spaces today that need to comfortably multi-task as meeting, presentation, video-conferencing, tele-conferencing and often require hospitality support in the form of refreshments and food service.  Most assuredly these rooms are tasked to cleverly hide the depth of technology support hidden in the table, ceiling and cabinets – to be seen and heard only when needed.  Rooms that need to flex from 14-20 at the table and 24-30 in the room can take advantage of expandable tables, banquette side seating and adequate side furnishings to house equipment and supplies.

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InterMarine Video Conference Room, Houston, Texas

The stone table actually is key-stoned with the narrow end in the foreground with the single chair and the wide end opposite with two chairs.  As a video conference room, the gear is built into the adjacent veneer wardrobe with integral ventilation fan, the table takes on the ports for power, data and AV connectivity to connect the Houston office to the New Orleans office as well as many international client locations.


Key Energy Group,  Houston, Texas

Key Energy needed a custom table with seating capacity for 22, comfortably with side seating along the windows for another 8.  Acacia stepped up to the challenge with this 30’ boat shaped marble table fabricated in 6 sections and supported by wood veneer pedestals with mild steel runners.  With the light color leather chairs, Acacia engineers proposed a lamination of black felt on the underside of the table edge to avoid leaving marks on the chair arms.  The window banquettes provided the side seating without the jumble of individual chairs and the design provides and firm business like seat and comfortable back for overflow guests.

BCM Technology, Houston, Texas

The wood framed glass partition is designed so that the verticals only penetrate and secure the glass, the horizontals are set ½” from the glass as they run the length of the window.  The storage credenza houses AV gear and serves as a buffet for guest lunches.  While it has a polished travertine top, the board table has a polished St. Laurent marble top populated with flip up access to power, data and AV.  The leather banquette is made in sections to coordinate with the exterior window wall mullions and Acacia engineers rolled the back leather down the back so that when seen in the reflective glass, the banquettes have a finished exposed back.

Chadbourn & Parke Attorneys, Houston, Texas

No strangers to large meetings, this New York based law firm expected the Houston offices to reflect on but not entirely mimic their headquarters.  Acacia planned this table in two distinct veneers that when finished with a single stain and top coat, maintained their natural contrast and beauty.  This finish concept saved significant costs of fabricating and finishing the edge separate from the table body and assembling after finish.  The same technique was applied to the credenza and AV element on the wall.

GE Oil & Gas Headquarters, Houston, Texas

This 30’ wood veneer table is sectional and designed with a waterfall solid stock wood edge with a stainless steel reveal separating the veneer surface.  The boat shape facilitates attendee visibility from end to end.  While main presentations are made by a concealed long throw projector from behind the camera position, the far screen is 45’ away.  Video conferencing is for smaller groups and operates from the video screen and camera mid wall on the right.  The wardrobe elements that surround the banquette seating and logo wall house the AV and Video gear for the room.


LATTV Headquarters, Houston, Texas

Designers know that often it is the details that make the space.  In this conference room notice how the high gloss black laminate base mimics the theatrical blacked out ceiling design.  The Roja Alacante table surface is punched for two devices to deliver power, data and AV as well as voice conferencing capabilities to the room.  The white marker surface in the glass wall facilitates discussions and conceals the mounting and cable connections for the flat screen on the opposite side.


Key Energy Group, Executive Conference, Houston, Texas

This room is a parallel room to the main Board Room adjacent, but is a 6’ x 4’ polished marble top set on two wood veneer pedestals.  Again, leather window banquette seating catches the overflow.  The table bases are coordinated in veneer and color with the balance of the standing and running trim throughout the Executive and client contact areas.

Linn Energy, Houston, Texas

Some building shapes create problems others create opportunities.  Linn Energy’s 22 seat trapezoidal table is the highlight and work horse of the company facility.  Softly edge tapered travertine was expertly engineered by Acacia to miter around the shape in pieces designed to fit the building freight elevator cab limits.  The CEO or other speakers present from the apex of the table with the main screen behind them while looking into the “donut hole” to see the screen data themselves without having to turn around. Side credenzas are topped in a Café Forrest fossilized marble that evokes the sub-surfaces this exploration company deals with.

GE Aero Energy, Houston, Texas

When a custom solution is the best solution our engineers are called on to re-think typical solutions and delivery times to meet accelerated schedules.  Not only did Acacia deliver a beautiful solution that met every aspect of functionality and handling ease, they also delivered multiple table groups for this conference facility considerably ahead of schedules quoted by standard manufactured product.

Hughes, Watters, Askanese Attorneys Houston, Texas

Used to heavy litigation and familiar with the abuse visiting attorneys laptops can do to their tables, this client asked Acacia to engineer a table with a real veneer encapsulated in a protective laminate.  The solid stock edge is soften for comfort and revealed from the laminate veneer.  Matching credenzas and wardrobes for visitor briefcases or luggage all are tied together with matching wood veneer step base.