LLOG Exploration – Houston, Texas

LLOG is primarily a deepwater offshore, Gulf of Mexico exploration company founded in 1977 with offices in Houston, Texas.  This client likes to say they have the “Right People, Right Places, and the Right way of doing business”.  Acacia can relate to their slogan.

In what is probably the most integrated material project for Acacia, the work involved stone, wood veneer, glass, fabric panels, GRG ceiling panels,  internal low voltage lighting, and branding elements.  Stepping into the reception immediately reveals the integration work for which Acacia has become known.
The reception desk is designed in a layered fashion with several layers lifted up with integral low voltage lighting.  As the layers cascade from transaction counter to work surface to intermediate and base, the desk face includes burnished bronze metal skin and deep tobacco stained wood veneer.  Bright white Carrera marble separates the layers.  The internal window feature brings natural light into the Reception and allows a visual connection to the large corporate dining space. It is fabricated in wood veneer and solid stock with glass and internal low voltage lighting.

In the board room the table has white Carrera marble end positions, the same dark veneer, and features random stainless steel flush inserts. These inserts recall the same randomness in the ceiling planks.  Side seating is provided with a pair of built in banquettes installed against the window wall with end and center convenience tables integrated with dark wood veneer and white marble tops.