Reception Rooms

Receptions are some of the most interesting spaces we take on with our designers.  The spaces themselves are multi-purpose and so often the furnishings, desk, walls, floor, ceiling and light all come into play. They are called upon to paint a picture of the clients identity, culture, hospitality and to also become a sales tool to expose visitors and customers to the full menu of services and capabilities offered.


Kinghorn, Driver, Hough and Co., Houston, Texas

Not wanting to block the view out the windows beyond, but feeling the need to create a place for their corporate identity, the Architect set a blade of structural glass in the rear credenza of the desk to allow for the etched logo.  The project utilized two tones of wood veneer and finish and played elements of the desk into wainscoting and wall paneling.  The base accent travels the spaces and is re-introduced above the wainscot line on the desk’s upper elements.  Cross cut travertine tops the desk panels and creates a high contrast accented transaction counter.

BCM Technology, Houston, Texas

Classic architectural simplicity set the tone for this wood veneer and black granite desk.  Stainless steel stand-offs support a structural glass transaction counter while a lower travertine stone transaction counter complies with ADA.  The medium tone wood veneer is trimmed top and bottom to match the horizontals on the glass window wall beyond into the board room.

Citation Oil & Gas, Houston, Texas

Acacia fabricated and installed this reception desk in matching veneer, wood base and stone accents to coordinate with flooring, wall panels, fabric panels and logo by outside vendors.  It is a good example of our willingness to be a team player to source our veneers from the same vendors, use the same stone source and provide joint alignment dimensions so our panels, the wood wall panels and the fabric wall panels all align.  This desk has a unique feature in the back credenza that is a pull out hospitality center for coffee and cold beverages to keep the receptionist in position but still able to serve guests.


GE Aero Energy, Houston, Texas

When GE Aero Energy relocated their offices to the new West Loop location, they negotiated a space in the main building lobby for their ground floor reception area.  Acacia helped create and install the veneer and structural glass divider to provide a more dedicated GE space where cross selling of services was presented to visiting customers via flat screen and scale models.  Check-in and badging occurs at the desk which used matching materials, veneer, stone, glass so that when visitors arrive on upper levels there was visual tie in.


InterMarine, Houston, Texas

The Architect worked closely with the client and Acacia to create this clear finish maple veneer desk with metal accents and structural glass transaction counter.  Space was limited so part of the engineering took into account storage and equipment needs for this working receptionist position.  In this case the base was expressed and designed to mimic the standing and running base in throughout the client contact area.


LATTV Headquarters,  Houston, Texas

Clear finish entry doors and Texas limestone flooring provide the subtle back drop for the strong color and elegant millwork with Roja Alacante Marble accents.  The reception desk in the foreground matches the opposing accent table with maple front, steel supports and the marble top.  Note the matching table in the conference room and the unique dual function flat screen box suspended in the glass partition, the back side is polished laminate marker material.


LLOG Exploration Company LLC, Houston, Texas

Virtually all elements of this reception room are coordinated and integrated between the designer and Acacia.  The Reception desk has a dark veneer façade, with stone top and metal accents and integral low voltage lighting concealed in the base. The logo display is set on the metal accent with a dark veneer surround and the ceiling accents are layered to create definition and light play with their concealed low voltage lighting.  Note the wood framed window into the break room area, coordinated with the fabric wall panels and integral lighting.

Benchmark Hospitality International, The Woodlands, Texas

When your business revolves around high quality resort hotel management and operations, your headquarters should look no less as exciting.  Acacia was called on to help the architect and designers detail a space with lots of intrigue and interest through the use of textured and backlit glass desk, the recessed and illuminated art back wall and even the wood framed sculpted metal accent wall.  Mixed materials from veneer to stone and glass to accent fabrics were taken in stride by the Acacia team.

ERG Resources LLC, Houston, Texas

Thoroughness and attention to detail from this designer created this dynamic wood ceiling and veneer wall for the reception room allowing the desk element to take cues from the base and wall color in contrasting white and vein cut stone.  Additional details included the full wrap building column to bring it into the design as a natural feature.  Note how the vein cut stone miters down the side from the transaction counter.  Lighting in the wood ceiling was carefully patterned and cut to match the lighting specifications and installed in coordination with the electrician.


GE Oil & Gas Headquarters, Houston, Texas

This image shows the reception desk of the new Beltway 8 location with its matching logo wall and curved hospitality credenza on the wall beyond.  Curving the millwork and detailing in logos and lighting are two areas Acacia engineers take in stride.  Knowing how to purchase veneers from reliable local sources and in quantities to take care of the whole project is one of the points of pride that our sourcing staff take on personally.