Rosetta Resources – Houston, Texas

Rosetta had outgrown its previous headquarters and was looking to renovate, restack and add several more floors when the decision was made to fully relocate to a new 5 floor facility.  The new contiguous space afforded a great design opportunity and challenge to the design team – build an internal staircase that would physically and emotionally connect all the groups now within the expanded layout.  The design team worked closely with the landlord engineers and structural consultants to find the best place adjacent to the elevator bank and designed a beautiful sweeping staircase clad in wood veneer from stringer to spandrel adding a vertical element of warmth.  At each landing a floor to ceiling wall element, typically housing local coffee locations, was clad in matching veneer to become the anchor element for each floor landing.  Also to provide a subtle wayfinding element, Acacia was asked to fabricate a backlit element of color glass embedded into the veneer wall of each floor’s landing that was further expanded by the use of paint accents in other key areas on each floor.

Acacia was tasked with engineering the wood veneer stringer and spandrel panels and the glass cantilevered baluster railings.  This was further complicated by the timing in that the staircase was the long lead item for occupancy leaving much of the field measuring and fitting to the last several days of the project.