How to Navigate the World of Office Furniture Companies

  • October 11, 2022
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The world of office furniture companies is vast. As an A&D professional, you know how difficult it can be to navigate the world of office furniture companies when you don’t know where to start. 

Finding the right furniture manufacturing team to partner with is a critical component of any design process, but you should consider other aspects of the office furniture world. 

This post helps you understand important process points you should take into account before choosing office furniture, how to find the right office furniture company to help bring your design to life and an overview of what you can expect from the office furniture design and purchasing process. 

Navigate the World of Office Furniture Companies

Considerations Before Selecting Office Furniture 

As an expert A&D professional, you know there are key factors to keep in mind in any design. The overall aesthetics of your design must remain intact as you bring in furniture that is ergonomic, multi-functional, and proves itself as an aid to employee productivity. Depending on your client’s expectations, there are four factors you should consider before choosing office furniture for your workspace design. 

1. General Vision

The overall client vision for the office design is the most important factor when considering which office furniture fits the layout and aesthetics of your design. From layout and seating arrangements to flow, lighting, and even décor, your design’s general aesthetics and vision will ultimately dictate the type and flavor of the office furniture you select. 

Marrying the company’s design aesthetic with the overall layout of the office space will help you determine the type of office furnishings you need. You may consider including working space, seating options, custom lighting and decor features, and workspace retreats to offer employees a space to decompress.

General Vision

2. Ergonomics

As employees spend more and more time working from their desks, it’s critical to consider ergonomics before choosing office furniture. A good office furniture company will factor in science-backed ergonomics to ensure your design not only looks good but feels good. 

Ergonomic office furniture is an important workplace design trend that has seen a dramatic demand increase in the past few years, with more employees aware of the negative effects of prolonged seating. In a recent blog post, we talk about ergonomics as a workplace furniture design trend that is worth trying. You can modify desks, conference tables, reception furniture, and desk chairs to fit ergonomic standards while staying true to your design aesthetic.


3. Productivity

Many factors contribute to a company’s productivity, including office furniture. Ergonomics plays a significant role in boosting office productivity and reducing stressors that might impede workflow. In fact, reducing ergonomic stressors is an important factor to consider before choosing office furniture.

As we recently shared in our post titled Five Ways to Design Your Workspace for Higher Productivity, evaluating where ergonomics will best enhance your productivity is an important first step. A perfectly designed sit-stand desk or a durable, organic fiber desk chair bolsters productivity while meeting your client’s need for a beautifully designed space. 

Another productivity factor to consider before choosing office furniture is a well-designed reception area and a separate break room. Comfortable and inviting furniture in these spaces combine nicely with any design or client vision. At Acacia, we can help you determine the best office furniture that not only boosts overall productivity but also works perfectly in your design. 

4. Functionality

The age-old debate of form versus function ends here. Office furniture companies know function dictates the form of the overall design plan. Before choosing office furniture or partnering with an office furniture company, thoughtfully consider the function of each space. If you need ergonomic furniture or relaxing retreats, keep in mind the purpose of each piece. 

Some spaces will need furniture to boost solitary productivity, while other areas need enough office furniture options to host group meetings. Either way, knowing the functionality of the space and the office furniture you may need to fill the space is an important factor to consider before partnering with an office furniture company.


How To Find the Right Office Furniture Company 

Just as the world of office furniture companies is vast, so are the furniture needs of each of our clients. Some companies prefer a more modular and on-demand wholesale purchasing experience. While there are benefits to finding office furniture companies that can deliver this type of furniture within a few days, there are many more benefits to partnering with the right office furniture company to design custom furniture for your project. Ultimately, finding an office furniture company that can deliver furniture that fits seamlessly with your design is the most important factor – no matter the source. 

Let’s dive into the things you should keep in mind when finding the right office furniture company for you.

Custom vs. Wholesale Office Furniture

Working with wholesale office furniture companies who can deliver desks, desk chairs, lighting, and even décor within a few days to a week is certainly a relief when facing a looming deadline. Office furniture companies selling their wares on places like Amazon, Ikea, and other direct-to-consumer websites can be a great option for tight budgets and timelines. Stock furniture is also an option for companies who know their leases may be up in a few years and do not want to spend extra money on custom furniture that won’t fit their new office location. 

Conversely, working with an office furniture company that works exclusively on custom designs means you can deliver a functional and detailed design to your clients. A custom office furniture company will deliver furniture that fits your layout and design aesthetic down to the most minute details. Plus, if your client is seeking a luxe office design, partnering with an office furniture company that can deliver high-quality custom office furniture is the best option.

Custom vs. Wholesale Office Furniture


Your client’s budget is likely your greatest concern when partnering with an office furniture company. While it’s true that custom furniture will cost you more than buying wholesale furniture from a place like Ikea, you must consider the long-term durability of the furniture you’re selecting. Budget wholesale furniture is made from low-quality materials to keep costs down for consumers. Over time, that budget furniture will show wear and tear much faster than custom furniture made to last. 

Consider reaching out to a custom office furniture company like Acacia to get a quote on the type and quantity of furniture that fits your overall design budget. You may find that your budget can accommodate a cohesive custom furniture approach. 



The final factor to consider when navigating the world of office furniture companies is the process each company uses to design, craft, and deliver the final product to its customers. Finding an office furniture company that can work with your timeline is crucial in keeping your design clients happy. 

While each company’s process will vary – particularly if the company specializes in custom office furniture there are a few standard practices across the board. As you research office furniture companies that offer the types and styles you’re looking for, carefully consider the partnership process, including:

  • If you’re interested in custom office furniture, how will the company partner with you to bring your vision to life?
  • What are the current lead times for the company?
  • Will you have to implement phases to your project to accommodate shipping and delivery times?


Acacia’s Design And Purchasing Process 

Design Development

The first step in working with Acacia is finding the perfect custom furniture that will fit seamlessly with your design. Whether you’re brimming with design ideas or need a pair of expert artisan eyes to determine the best furniture look for you, we’re here to collaborate. 

Every project marries aesthetic design with functionality. We include detailing options, material options, technology integration, and durability in each of our designs to ensure you’re getting the aesthetic appeal and physical performance needed to make the project a success.

Design Development

Design Mockups 

Once we’ve determined the furniture you need, we’ll work on design mockups to ensure our pieces integrate seamlessly into the overall design aesthetic. We aim to create a full-scope experience that expresses your design and purpose. Each design mockup we share is highly detailed and scaled for accurate site coordination. 

Our skilled artisans will take into consideration material, fabric, millwork, and other unique specifications to ensure design mockups are ready for your review and approval the first time. You’ll also get detailed schedules for materials, finishes, hardware, devices, and equipment during this phase. 

Custom Furniture Creation

Once you’ve signed off on your custom furniture order, Acacia gets to work. Our typical lead times as of the posting of this article are 12 to 14 weeks. These lead times are subject to change, and we encourage our clients to confirm manufacturing times with us during our initial consultation. 

Orders are delivered by mutually designated order of importance and schedule commitments. 


The most exciting step in the process is seeing your design come to life with custom furniture designed specifically for the space. We seamlessly coordinate receiving and staging of the custom furniture on-site with a team of artisans chosen based on their expert qualifications. 

The team focuses on detail-oriented execution, with touch-up and punch work completed immediately after installation to ensure every detail is perfect. 


Close Out

After the installation phase is complete, our team follows up with thorough and accurate documentation using industry-standard formats. Once completed, you’ll get document distribution in a timely manner to ensure a seamless end-to-end partnership.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of office furniture companies doesn’t have to be difficult if you keep your end goal in mind. Determining your goals before choosing an office furniture company to partner with can go a long way in making collaboration easier for you and the office furniture company.  

Acacia strives to make the partnership as seamless and straightforward as possible. Reach out to us today if you need more information on how we stand out in the world of office furniture companies and how we can make your next design project a success.