6 Tips for Designing a Perfect Workspace

  • March 16, 2022
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Even the most creative professionals find designing the perfect workspace a challenge. On top of ensuring you have enough space to get your work done, you are likely considering the aesthetic aspects of designing your workspace. 

Before you take any design next steps to create your perfect workspace, consider some of the ideas we’ve curated below. 

This post will guide you through the six components of designing the perfect workspace, including:

  1. Staying true to your authentic self
  2. Getting in the flow
  3. Color theory
  4. Artwork to inspire
  5. Custom organization
  6. Custom furnishings

Your Workspace as a Reflection of Yourself

Before you get to work on designing the perfect workspace for yourself, consider your values and beliefs. A quick web search for “designing your workspace” brings up millions of beautiful spaces. But are they right for you? 

Consider whether your space should suit your more quiet side or if it should be the natural meeting spot for you and your colleagues to discuss all your big ideas. 

While it can be nice to think of a tranquil space where you can ponder your next big project, if you’re a natural extrovert, you should keep in mind spaces that invite collaboration and dialogue. Some design ideas include:

  • A large custom conference table where your team can comfortably sit and debate project details 
  • A comfortable and inviting seating arrangement so guests will feel at home while burning the midnight oil
  • A large projector or whiteboard space to naturally encourage visual representation of your ideas 

Are you more of an introvert who likes to think through tasks and projects? Consider these design ideas:

  • A large custom desk where you can spread out your project-related documents for easy brainstorming
  • A cozy lounge chair that encourages you to take a seat a dig in on new projects
  • An original feature wall you can gaze at when you need a spark of inspiration

Check out Acacia’s projects to see how we can help you can create a custom, authentic workspace. 

Getting in the Flow

As a designer, you know an integral part of any design is the movement and flow of the project. This flow is an important consideration when designing the perfect workspace. Depending on the size of your space, you want to take into consideration the following:

  1. Who will be accessing the space? Is it just you, or will you have frequent visitors?
  2. Does the space have windows? Do you prefer to arrange your desk in front or away from the window?
  3. Do you prefer to have several areas in your workspace that serve a specific purpose? E.g., a typing space, a reading space, a space to take group meetings. 

These questions will help you navigate how you set up your workspace to stimulate productivity and natural collaboration.

Color Theory

While choosing the right colors for your workspace could be an entire post of its own, we’ll touch briefly on the importance of selecting the right color when you design your workspace. 

Research performed by the University of Texas found that painting workspaces dull colors like white, grey, and beige negatively affected a person’s mood. Conversely, colors like green, blue, and yellow have a positive effect on our moods and can be great additions to your workspace. 

How you apply color to your workspace will also depend on the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve. If you want to draw someone’s attention to a particularly inspiring piece of art, it may be wise to paint the wall where you’re hanging your art a powerful red. 

Choosing the right color and applying it in the right way to your workspace elicits never-ending inspiration. No matter which color you select or how you choose to reflect it, make sure it plays well into your values and the flow you’re trying to achieve. 

Artwork to Inspire

Adding a special art piece to your workspace can provide a fountain of inspiration for years to come. However, choosing the correct artwork when you’re designing your perfect workspace is not always an easy task. 

Before choosing the right artwork to display in your workspace, consider the following:

  • Will the artwork be a focal point in the room? Custom wall paneling is a striking way to showcase a beautiful piece of art. Check out Acacia’s past projects to see how this might look in your workspace.  
  • Do you want your art to reflect your industry or mission? 
  • Is the artwork a painting, a sculpture, or something else? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your workspace needs a simple framed poster. Get creative and find artwork that excites you!

Custom Organization

When designing your workspace, you can easily forget all about setting up a robust organizational system. Deciding how to organize your files and overflowing cables should be high on your consideration list. 

It’s important to consider your typical work practices and how you work throughout your day. If you have many paper documents delivered each day, you may want to consider a filing cabinet. If you prefer a paperless workspace, consider how you’ll organize your technology. 

It’s critical you think through your typical workday and the tools and resources you use daily before you bring your design plans to life. Ensure you have adequate storage for important documents and keep office accessories organized. 

Custom Furnishings 

We would be remiss if we didn’t include custom furnishings as a major component of designing the perfect workspace. At Acacia, we see your workspace furnishings as an extension of your identity. It’s important for us to consider the company or person before designing any piece of furniture. 

That being said, you should carefully consider the furnishings you will need in your workspace to tie together each piece of this design puzzle: authenticity, flow, inspiration, and organization. 

High-quality, custom furnishings transform a workspace from dull and inefficient to inspiration and performance. Consider the quality of the furniture you are purchasing and how the lines, textures, and patterns fit with your design plan. 

If you’re ready to express your authentic self and design the perfect workspace, set up a call. Our expert design team will work with you to create the perfect workspace and meeting space that captures your unique identity.  

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